Auburn Health Strategies President Joins Elite Ranks

July 6, 2009                                                                             

Arlington, VA – Less than one percent of all registered lobbyists are officially certified in the profession.  Auburn Health Strategies President, Robin Stombler, joined the ranks of this elite certified group in June 2009. 

Founded by the American League of Lobbyists in 2006, the Lobbying Certificate Program is today’s gold standard for certifying that government relations professionals possess in-depth knowledge of legislative and political processes plus the rules, regulations and ethics that shape lobbying requirements and success in Washington.  Certification is awarded after 33 documented hours of education and training are completed.

Despite over twenty years of experience in the government relations field, Stombler considered professional certification a demonstration of commitment to the highest standards of the lobbying profession.  “We work with our clients to provide quality information and analysis to policymakers.  We guide them through the maze of legislative and regulatory processes and procedures,” said Stombler.  “This professional credential provides extra assurance to our clients that we’re on top of the latest trends and rules.”

Auburn Health Strategies, LLC is a strategic and business development company serving health and science clients nationwide.  We work directly with corporate leaders, association executives, entrepreneurs and government chiefs to maximize ideas and advance their products and services.