Millions Earned for Auburn Clients in 2007

Arlington, VA –  Millions of dollars in federal funding and contracts were earned for Auburn Health Strategies clients in 2007.  “We are delighted to realize major triumphs for our clients as we enter our fifth anniversary year,” noted Robin Stombler, President of Auburn Health Strategies, LLC.  “By providing strategic, innovative solutions to our clients’ unique goals, we have helped them achieve measurable success.”

2007 proved to be a banner year for Auburn Health Strategies clients.  Among the successes:

  • Secured a multi-million dollar federal contract for a prominent organization
  • Expanded opportunities for clients through new partnerships, including an academic-corporate alliance
  • Competed with multi-national corporation to acquire federal contract for smaller organization
  • Identified international opportunity for client to expand growth and visibility
  • Assessed operations in a lagging trade division and recommended course of action leading to greater productivity and efficiency
  • Worked with Congress to secure significant appropriations for client’s scientific development project
  • Assessed, recommended and implemented courses of action leading to increased market share for health-related company
  • Recommended congressional strategies for organization leading to positive legislative action and drafted comments on federal reports
  • Conducted focus groups across the country to assess the use of health care quality tools

Auburn Health Strategies works behind the scenes to position its health and science clients to achieve maximum success.  To inquire how Auburn Health Strategies may assist with your strategic business needs, please contact us at 202-390-3932 or

Auburn Health Strategies, LLC is a strategic and business development company serving health and science clients nationwide.  The mission of Auburn Health Strategies is to help its clients advance ideas, products and services resulting in business growth, image enhancement and positive changes.  Established in 2003, Auburn Health Strategies specializes in strategic development, alliance and relationship building, coalition management, legislative and regulatory advancements, and promotion of innovative concepts.  For additional information, please visit