New Website Unveiled

March 17, 2009                                                                                Contact:  202-390-3932

Auburn Health Strategies Unveils New Website!

Arlington, Virginia –   Auburn Health Strategies, LLC posted its new website today at  Yawn?  Not another “new” website, you say?  Let us show you differently.

Auburn Health Strategies has grown.  We still love what we do.  We still work our hearts out to help our clients achieve their strategic goals.  Yet, you will also be seeing some new faces popping up (See our Credentials box), and a few more thought articles on critical issues of the day (See our News box),  We’re also showing off our cool side a bit more… Find us on Facebook (There’s a link in our Contact box) or join our occasional newsletter (We’ll be asking you to vote on what interests you).

Our serious side is still intact, but there is a bit a fancy dancing in the office after our clients succeed (Sorry, no photos posted on the site).  Helping a client secure a multi-million dollar federal contract, expanding opportunities for clients through new alliances, working with Congress to address critical client issues, and conducting focus groups to assess the use of health care quality tools… Auburn Health Strategies does all that, and more! We want to give a special shout-out to Elaina Ezelle, Rebecca Kuper and Renée Alarid Design and Motion for capturing our website vision. 

Please take a look around  Your comments and suggestions are eagerly welcomed. Auburn Health Strategies, LLC is a strategic and business development company serving health and science clients nationwide.  We work directly with corporate leaders, association executives, entrepreneurs and government chiefs to maximize ideas and advance their products and services.