Auburn Health Strategies professionals have a proven track record of success. Below are just a sample of our accomplishments.

Challenge: Implement a patient safety project for transfusion medicine for the American Society for Clinical Pathology. Solution: A multi-disciplinary task force of pathologists and medical technologists joined together with nurses from the American Organization of Nurse Executives to create flow charts and standard operating procedure checklists for transfusion medicine practiced outside the walls of a blood bank. This collaborative effort allowed ASCP to implement its patient safety plan and focus on a specific area of need – blood administration-related errors and accidents. This patient safety project, “Nurses, Pathologists and the Laboratory: Working Together Outside the Blood Bank Walls,” culminated in ASCP’s election to the 2003 Associations Advance America Honor Roll, a national awards competition sponsored by the American Society of Association Executives.

“Robin Stombler is a gifted convener. When in the planning stages, she knew just who to contact and how to pull the project together. This project has the potential to close gaps that may compromise blood transfusion safety, and Robin helped to make it possible.” -Roslyn Yomtovian, MD, Director of the Blood Bank and Transfusion Service, University Hospitals of Cleveland

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Challenge: Bring the medical liability crisis to the attention of public policymakers. Solution: A broad-based coalition of organizations was built to add significant grassroots support for medical liability reform. The National Medical Liability Reform Coalition eventually garnered support from an alliance of associations representing nurses, physicians, hospitals, health plans, long-term care providers, and other parties dedicated to improving the nation’s system for resolving healthcare liability claims. The coalition submitted testimony to Congress, distributed fact sheets, and built a ground-swell of grassroots support over the years resulting in the passage of medical liability reform legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives and strong support from congressional Republicans, Democrats and the Administration.

“Always professional, always pleasant, always seeking consensus, and bringing calm. Robin Stombler is a rare bird.” -Angela Herman, lobbyist

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Challenge: Forge a joint venture that will save health care organizations time and money and provide a greater focus on outcomes improvement. Solution: An alliance was negotiated among the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, the American Proficiency Institute, and the American Society for Clinical Pathology to form Lab Advantage, a ground-breaking collaboration to offer a package of quality improvement services customized for the clinical laboratory field.

“Robin Stombler’s ability to negotiate is nothing short of amazing. She has a keen sense of the needs of all parties, and strives to create situations so that everyone is a winner. Her timing and her contacts made this collaboration outstanding.” -Daniel C. Edson, President, American Proficiency Institute

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Challenge: Help clinical and public health laboratories familiarize themselves with bioterrorism protocols from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Solution: Applied for, and was awarded, a cooperative agreement from the CDC for the enhancement of laboratory testing practices and development of laboratory preparedness activities for pathologists, medical technologists and technicians. The cooperative agreement was used to assess the current knowledge base of pathologists and laboratory personnel in select biological and chemical agents, and provided education in those areas identified as deficient.

“I was skeptical of completing such an intense project in the short time allowed, but Robin Stombler made it happen effortlessly. She gathered the appropriate scientific experts, honed the sensitive content, and produced a plan to assess the preparedness of the nation’s laboratories. Her enthusiasm and competence are admirable.” -Karen Carroll, MD, Associate Professor of Pathology at Johns Hopkins Hospital School of Medicine

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