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Strategic and business development services for health and science organizations



We Aren't Consultants

Auburn Health Strategies provides strategic and business development services for health and science organizations. We work closely with corporate leaders, association executives, entrepreneurs, and government officials to maximize ideas and advance their products and services.


We aren’t consultants. To us, consultants are fleeting – deliver advice and scram.  We aren’t like that. We get to know you. We help you to think differently to accomplish your goals. When clients consider us trusted advisors – part of the family – we are successful. When one client thought he was our only client (he wasn’t), we knew we were on the right path.


So what exactly do we do?  We create, develop, and implement strategies tailored for our client’s needs. In classic jargon, this may entail regulatory and legislative solutions, public relations, communications, relationship and coalition-building, and advocacy. We employ this multi-disciplinary approach to help our clients succeed.



You won’t find a client list on our site. We respect and value our client’s privacy. We can, however, give you a glimpse into our successes.


Auburn Health Strategies convened a national consensus conference, referenced in Newsweek and by the Institute of Medicine, gathering experts representing medicine, law, ethics, consumers, academia, and industry.  Consensus results were converted into federal legislation and led the way for preserving a national biorepository treasure.

Auburn Health Strategies worked with a premier scientific company to build its reputation in a significant, new field and gain resources for its research and development activities. Auburn Health Strategies created and implemented a master strategy that produced an industry-academic alliance for the company, introduced company leadership to national subject matter experts, and led to congressional funding for the company’s research.


“I congratulate you on your wise choice of Robin Stombler to work with Congress on this issue. She is very well liked and trusted in DC.”   – Congressional Chief of Staff

A small provision within a comprehensive food safety law was not receiving the attention it deserved. By establishing a coalition of stakeholders and meeting with key officials, Auburn Health Strategies raised awareness of the critical section and its impact on the safety of the nation’s food supply. 


“Due to Robin’s strategic thinking and perseverance, we witnessed this provision rise from obscurity where no one would mention laboratory testing in the context of food safety to one of prominence with the creation of a new FDA program… this major feat showcases Robin’s success, but even more importantly, the nation’s food supply will be safer by applying quality standards to food testing.”  - Auburn Health Strategies client

A complicated medical coding issue arose that would have represented a fundamental shift in healthcare inconsistent with current medical practices.  Auburn Health Strategies recognized the impact of the matter and outlined a strategy for change.  With significant effort and foresight, the coding issue was corrected, a client’s technological advances were recognized, and more appropriate Medicare coverage and payment were assigned.



Accustomed to devising and implementing big ideas, Auburn Health Strategies worked to establish crucial relationships with a U.S. client and Cuban pathologists and diplomats to share clinical knowledge leading to a safer, healthier world.



In recognizing efforts to begin normalizing relations with Cuba, President Obama wrote in a letter given to the President of Auburn Health Strategies, “I thank all those who have played a role in normalizing relations between our two countries for their dedication, and I encourage you to carry forward the work of strengthening our partnership in the years ahead.”



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Robin Stombler founded Auburn Health Strategies in 2003, and has served as its President since its inception.  She previously was Vice President of Government Affairs for the American Society for Clinical Pathology, where she represented the interests of 140,000 board certified pathologists, clinical scientists, and medical laboratory scientists, and directed its Washington Office. Stombler previously served as Senior Washington Associate for the American College of Surgeons. She has published peer-reviewed and trade journal articles on a variety of health, science, and business topics. Her book, Wear A Killer Outfit And Other Advice for Speaking Publicly, has received high praise. A veteran of Capitol Hill and state government, Stombler has served on the community affairs committee of a local hospital, and is a Past President of the Arlington Committee of 100, a forum for civic leaders. A member of the Board of Discipline Editors of the Journal of the Washington Academy of Sciences, Stombler is Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors of A2LA, has served on the Board of Directors of Women’s Health Virginia, and on various commissions and task forces.





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